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Friday, March 27, 2009

Trying to Remember

Adam used to say:

I hermember! (REMEMBER)

Pay a pention! (pay attention)

Windy used to say:

Hi Honey! (When Daddy walked in the door from work)

Yaya!! (when daddy would come in from work, with his friend Tony, who was living with a the time! And Daddy would repeat Yaya and Tony would repeat Yaya and Windy would repeat Yaya she wasn't even 1 yet!)

Still trying to remember what Mitchell's words were!
I do remember when we were out ANYWHERE! Mitchell was a little older 15 months, he would walk around, kiss everyone goodbye, put everything back in his diaper bag and bring us his shoes and coat! He was ready to go HOME!
We obliged! Because if we didn't there wasn't any calming him down!
Goes to show, why even today, he just doesn't like to sleep away from home and counts on all of us to make sure he doesn't sleep alone!

Funny part is: Adam is the one we had to work on sleeping well and getting out of our bed, Windy has always slept well no matter if she was alone or with someone (just move out of her way, cause she will sleep well at anyone's expense) and Mitchell sleeps well ONLY when sleeping with one of us, doesn't matter if it is Larry or Larry and I or Windy or Adam or Grandma or Papaw or Nana or Grandpa Pat, he just doesn't want to sleep alone!

3 different kids, 3 very different personalities and one Mama trying to put it all on paper!

Loving it!


  1. I had some great statements from my "kids" this week. One little guys said, "This remembers me a song I used to know." Then today a little girl proudly told me, "I can do the splits all the way down to the floor on my butt without breaking my bones!" I did laugh out loud at that one.

  2. These are priceless and great for you to document them before we get too old to remember it.

  3. Mimi you are so right on! I know, I have already forgotten some of the words they said and that stinks!!