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Friday, March 13, 2009

What a Crazy Day

Mitchell is home from school, he and I have had the Flu Virus since Friday and it stinks! Good thing is we like each other and we like hanging out together (he is still to young to know mom's aren't cool). I have "rest days" on Sunday and Monday, now that will explain some of the rest of my storey!
Monday, get up with Windy and Adam and do the morning get ready for school routine. Windy is getting on her bus and "SLAM" there goes Hank out the door and running! My dogs have run off far too much lately, I could so beat them, but I never do, because I am so happy to see them when I find them (UGGGHHH)! Windy attempts to catch the dog, I am yelling at her "get on the bus, I'll get Hank" she reluctantly gets on the bus, my baby girl knows how hard he is to catch, but the Bus Driver is waiting! Bye Windy.
"Adam get your shoes on and help me get Hanky" I yell. I am already chasing him! Picture this, I still have my PJ's on (yes you are correct no Bra) and slippers, not even ones with rubber on the bottom, regular slippers, it has been raining and now I am running! Laugh here if you must, cause my feet are sliding and my boobs are out of control! (see the red in my face here) Adam is out and now chasing Hank where I leave off, because now I have chased him throughout half of our 12 acres and across the street, my lungs can't catch any oxygen and my boobs hurt! Adam turns around and calls to me, "Mom we need the quad Hank's running"! OK, I can get the quad, it is working now! I open the garage door and jump on the quad and it d o e s n ' t start! NOPE NOT AT ALL!
Adam is still chasing Hank through the back 6 and I cannot get the quad started, my slippers are now ruined and I cannot walk in them! I run inside, let Mitchy (poor Mitchy is so not well and just sleeping) know that I have to chase Adam, who is chasing Hank! I throw on my outback Boots and run out the door (yes your right still in PJ's and no Bra but now I have a jacket!) I am now yelling for both Adam and Hank! I am running, slow jogging, walking, and now I am turning around defeated! Not only is our dog lost, now I don't know how far Adam has chased him (he still thinks I am coming on the quad).
I am walking, shall I say, staggering up the side of a hill on the side of our house and I look toward the back 9 and there is Adam! No Hank, but man does Adam look beat up! I check him out head-to-toe and he is soaked from his waist down! I ask or rather holler "are you OK?" his reply "yes mom, I fell in the water in the way back chasing Hank, I didn't get him"!
At this point, I don't care, I need Adam warm and dry and to check on Mitchell and to get out of public without real clothes! Adam and I walk up to the house and I tell him to get showered and changed. Now, I check for car keys, where are my car keys, they are not in my purse and they are not in the basket by the front door. Text Larry. Larry texts back, your keys are in my pocket, sorry!
Now, I yell up the stairs at Adam "your home today, no keys"! I call Mitchell off school and immediately call Adam off of school. 3 hours later, Windy's school calls she is ill and needs to come home! Thanks to Aunt Polly Windy Makes it Home!!

This is all on Monday

Back to Hank

I have no keys for the car, I am 1 sick mama and I have 1 sick boy and 1 boy who is not doing so good and to boot he fell in water!
VOILA, the quad starts. I am looking for Hank again (with real clothes and even a bra on) man it is cold and I am not wearing gloves! I ride my quad through the back 9 and onto everyone Else's open property all the way to the Tree Farm, NO HANK! What else to do, but drive on the streets on a quad without my license! I can't find Hank! I drive through the neighborhood on the side of us, no Hank! Now I have given up and call Schererville Animal Control! HA, someone has Hank and he'll be home in a minute!
Animal Control Lady is where Hank visits when he gets out! I don't even have a chance to find him!

NOTE TO SELF: Next time, every time, take care of your babies and call animal control for everyone else!


  1. What a Monday! Hope you're all feeling better now.

  2. it is Sunday and I am so much better, thanks Lisa. I still don't have a voice, but not one person in my household is complaining!

  3. What an ordeal! This is one of the many reasons I don't have pets.