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Saturday, March 14, 2009

This One Time....

There was this one time, in college, I caught on fire. Being on fire brought a total new insight to being on fire for God. All I wanted to do was put out the fire (it hurt and I knew it would kill me)! I STOPPED, DROPPED AND ROLLED AND the fire did not go out! I wanted it out though, it hurt bad, not good, BADDDDDD!

That's when I decided I didn't want to be "ON FIRE" for God, I wanted to be around a fire for God!

Makes sense to me! Hope it does for you!

Anyway, this also taught me a lesson about sticking it out! I was in my last year of college. I never knew I wanted to get married until then! Now I felt I had a decision to make! Do I stick it out and risk losing the one I love or stop going and risk losing my self respect.

Easy choice for me, at the time , don't lose Self-respect and stick out college, stick to the choice I made before hand! Don't lose your education and everything I had dreamed of, from the age of 5! I stick it out! 50% of my back burnt (I would mention here that I have keloids and they don't leave a pretty scar, but it doesn't help my story) I go on and do my internship at a Hyatt in South Carolina, oh yea, I loved it there! Had Larry not proposed, I think I would have been around the world by now, without any adventures!

Thankfully, Larry proposed (with blessings from my mom, although when I called her to tell her she didn't sound as though there were blessings, did she honestly think I would say no?) and I absolutely crying and trembling said YES, absolutely YES! Off of a cake I took my wedding ring! A couple months later I not only graduated College (something that all the counselors told my mom NEVER would happen) and I moved back to NW Indiana! The counselors and Psychiatrists and Psychologists had my mom prepared for the worst, no daughters and no grandchildren EVER! So happy, the adventures began for me and God has a bigger plan!

That is where real life began!

Scars and all! I could tell you here that I had no real good memories of High School at this time, but that leads into an entire different story! All the good memories I have now, as compared to then!

Do I want to be on fire for God? NOPE! I want to stand around His fire and allow Him to warm me and change my perspective, I want Him to help me be warm and warm to others, I want Him to burn off the UN-undoing, I want Him to burn off sin, I want Him to lead me in the ways of Him! I do NOT want to Put His fire out, I do not want to STOP DROP AND ROLL AND PUT HIS FIRE OUT! I want to stand next to His EVER warmth and bask in His Glow!

Just my perspective!

Just me being honest!


  1. I love this perspective. I love how personal God is with each one of us. Each story is different, each person fulfilled and loved in a different way. Love it!

  2. This is a great post and I agree with Sheryl, love the perspective. I can't even begin to imagine being caught on fire. I know what it felt like to have a hand burn from hot grease and never want to experience that again. The next time I hear the phrase "on fire for God" I will think of it differently now. My dad says that a lot.