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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Love Memories Like This

I left, once again, for a business trip at the beginning of this week! Thankfully, the night before I left it was beautiful outside, so what else would a family do? Start a fire and go outside!

The kids played on my quad, that is now repaired, from this time! What I didn't notice, Adam is wearing slippers on the quad! Helmet and goggles are both in place, but hmmm slippers?? Wow, he leaves me wondering!

Windy practiced her recorder, she had a test in the morning at school and wanted to be prepared. The diligence she shows is amazing!

Quite honestly, it was just nice to hang out with the family and watch them enjoy the outside! We have had such a long winter, just getting outside and running and watching the kids play and run and enjoy was just wonderful!

Memories like these are my favorite! Nothing planned, no big preparations and everyone is smiling!


  1. Looks like a good time! I'm glad you got to spend that time with them before your trip. I saw your update, and for a brief moment thought about ditching all my work and joining you guys! Next time I will! I mean if Adam was in his slippers, you wouldn't mind me showing up in my jammies ;)

  2. These are the best of times I think so too. No stress, just kicking back with the ones you love. The slippers cracked me up.

  3. You two are so awesome! I love both of your comments. Lisa, I wish you would have come on over, jammies and all, everyone is welcome, no matter what you are wearing, just bring yourself as a friens!
    Mimi, those weren't even his own slippers, they are his dads!