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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Here's his story and he is sticking to it!
Larry was riding around the pond on the quad (my quad). He was, in all honesty, knocking down the cattails around the pond so we could see the pond from the house (I really do enjoy the view of the pond now). While riding along the edge of the pond, that has been frozen for quite some time, on account of this cold winter, he suddenly came across an edge of the pond that wasn't frozen. The edge of ice grabbed the tire of the quad and pulled it in, Larry, thankfully, was able to jump off of the quad to safety (although, it is the edge and not real deep there at all) the quad was now half in the pond!! Now, Larry walks to the house, the pond is kind of back there, and asks (tells) our oldest son, Adam, "get your boots on we have to take the truck to get the quad out of the pond." Larry said this so nonchalantly, I really thought, No big deal. I headed upstairs to do whatever and everything and he and Adam got in the truck and headed to the pond. Now, I decide it is time to see what happened and I look out an upper-level window and watch as the truck start to pull on a tow strap hooked to the quad, and BOOM, tow strap breaks! Now, I watch as Adam and Larry get back in the truck and head to the shed. I went to meet them outside and Larry and Adam are searching for something to pull the Quad out of the pond. Adam found a couple of short tow straps. Now, I can see on Larry's face this wasn't really a good idea and I ask (because I am that sweet and that good of a wife) "do you want me to go get something, I can run to the store and buy something?" Larry replied, "no, we'll get it, we'll have to get close but, we'll get it." I walk inside and the boys take off in the truck!
Now I know, I have to be watching. So, upstairs to the window I go! Tow strap on the truck and on the quad! I see the truck starting to pull and not really going anywhere, I watch as the lights on the truck show reverse and forward, nothing moves and nothing changes. The next thing I hear, the phone ring, it is Larry "Your going to have to call a tow truck, now the truck is stuck too! Call someone close." I frantically go through the phonebook and find someone close and explain the situation. They sent out a regular tow truck!!! So not going to do anything!!! But, they give it a college try anyway! Now, they are calling for a big boy!
Thankfully the truck and the quad are out, but not without damage. The tire of the truck was stuck wedged under a shelf of ice, blowing the tire as they yank it out!! Still not sure about the quad, but it is in the garage, and when the weather warms up, maybe it will thaw out, drain and run.
Everyone in this situation was ok! Not every piece of equipment, but every person was fine.
In between all of the running and craziness, I had to take pics. This is what I saw!
Larry took everything in stride and kind of laughed about it, until it was time to pay the tow truck driver!!

If you look closely in the middle of the above picture you can see the two side tires of the quad sticking out of the water.
The truck really was half way in the pond!!!

I really wish I would have taken pictures of the first tow truck driver's truck. This man was so kind through it all!!
To quote my Father-in-Law: "What are you doing Lamont, You big dummy"!!
Too funny not to share!!


  1. Oh Chrissy...this is just too too funny and I really needed a laugh on this blizzard Wed. sitting at work wanting to be home under my warm bankie watching the View and the cat fights...NOT. Glad all is well, except your check book! Why do overgrown boys like this kind of stuff?

  2. Oh my word, Chrissy! That is funny but also kind of scary. I kept thinking the quad was going to fall through the ice and take the back end of the truck in with it! I'm so glad the boys are okay :) I'm sure the tow truck driver has told people all about you guys!

  3. The quad was really in the pond, it was just held up by a shelf of ice! I was so scared the truck was sooo going in, but not too scared to take pics and laugh!!
    Can't tell you why overgrown boys like this stuff! The scarier the more fun!!

  4. I'm so impressed that Larry kept his cool through all that -- and you too! A great example to your kids.

  5. At least no one went in the pond this time, and it was only machines. I hope your quad is ok.

  6. Lisa, that was my biggest fear, someone going in! Thankfully it is just stuff! Probably, why we, Larry and I, were able to take it in stride! Even the check wasn't that big of a deal!!

  7. I am glad everyone is okay! Now you & Larry will have something to look back on & laugh!