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Sunday, January 11, 2009


I really still enjoy cooking and baking. I do not set an alarm and I really do only use a recipe as a guide! Even when baking a "box" cake, I add a little more water and a little more oil and adjust the eggs as I please and as I see how big they are, I adjust the temp on the oven, generally a little lower, and I do not set a timer, I didn't even know our range had a timer!!!
but imagine this
Funny little thing.
I have noticed and so have others, namely Larry pointing it out to our children (for almost 15 years) that the smoke alarm goes off every time, every time, EVERY TIME I am cooking dinner and it is almost done!
This never happened in the restaurants I cooked in and nothing is ever burnt! It kills and then makes me laugh out loud at myself. Here I am a chef, a trained Chef (working in the mechanical dept. on the railroad) and I still set off the fire alarm.
Even stranger, ohhh how things come full circle, my mom used to set off the smoke alarm whenever dinner was done growing up too! We used to laugh and tease her about it!
It is so much more fun to be on the giving end of this and not on the receiving end


  1. That is funny. My grandmother used to do the same thing. I've never done it yet, but then again, I rarely cook.

  2. How funny! I have to confess that I also set off the smoke alarm alot. I even bought a pampered chef timer and don't know how to use it yet. I forgot that you are a chef. Your kids are funny.

  3. hehe. I do this when I "cook" too. But, I don't really cook I generally burn grilled cheese and microwave stuff so that could be why. ;)