This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Lately, I have been doing alot of "dumping" on people! If you are one of those I sincerely apologize.
There used to be a day when I kept everything to myself! Wow, what happened, it has been like diarrhea of the mouth lately (sorry for the gross description, but it's is true). Someone honestly asks me how I am doing, and I fall apart, why? OK, first off, back to the gym!! I know and I talk all the time, about my workouts are not for losing weight, although it would be a nice side effect, it is for my mental status! It really produces hormones that fight depression. The fight of depression is one I have accepted! I know I fight it and usually do in all ways! Watch what I eat, take meds at same time everyday, workout, smile often, and find the funny in anything! So if I know it, why don't I do it? Because once I give in to the fight, it takes me a while to get back on track! I am sure anyone can relate: Once you start beating up on yourself, the beatings don't end easily, it just gets easier to do it!

That all said, here is the positive in my life:
I do have a great life. God has truly blessed me in so many ways it will be difficult to get them all in here! I have the promises of God, the power of prayer and still there is more! I have an awesome husband, who supports me in everything and when I dump on him, he doesn't hold it against me. He is a great father to our 3 children. Larry went to work for the mill to help our family, a selfless act, he enjoys owning his own business, but because he wanted more for us, he let it to the wayside! He fights my battles with me, and sometimes lets me fight them myself and is just there for the support. I enjoy all 3 of my children, they are good kids and want to do right (they don't always, but at least they try most of the time). All my children have teachers who act as though they really care, sincerely! I have great parents and great in-laws, they help in anyway they can! I do enjoy our beautiful home and all the property! I love to laugh and am able to do it often, even at Larry's expense! I have awesome extended family, my cousins couldn't be any closer to me and more supportive if they were my siblings! I have incredible nieces and nephews! To boot, I have two great dogs! What more could a woman want!

The "dumping" has been stopped!!


  1. You'll get through this, maybe you need to get out what ever is bothering you. Talking to a friend is the best thing you can do if your fighting depression. Hang in there it can only get better.

  2. I was just thinking about you today. This was a very honest post and wish you the best but with the great family you have I know you will be ok.

    That's your new house! it looks familiar...

  3. CE: this is the home we have been in for a year, but when you lived 14 years in one place, this one is still new, and I still love it here!
    Thanks for thinking of me!!!
    MWM: thank you for your kind thoughts and comments, your right, talking to friends is best when fighting depression, I have been fighting it for 20 years, you would think I would know by now, but I DON'T!! Thanks for the reminder and the little cheering!

  4. You are very welcome. That's what friends are for to be there for you when you need them the most in the tough times. Always an email away.

  5. That's ok Chrissy for dumping. The one thing I found in my blogger friends, they are real and try to be uplifting no matter what you are going thru. Your home and land is amazing and you ARE very blessed. You have an awesome husband and children that support you, so girl, could be worse....have a terrific weekend!

  6. You'll get through this! How many times have you told ME that? We'll just keep reminding each other. I wish our schedules worked out better to where we could work out together. Like the good old days!
    You know I love your house!

  7. Wow, you bloggers are so great! You really have lifted me up, I know in more ways then just on this blog!
    Thank you so much. I am truly blessed in so many ways, including good friends!

  8. First of all your house is GORGEOUS!!! Wanna trade me for my cramped townhome? say yes.

    I second or third the need for friends when you're down in the dumps. It helps to get it out. And remember we're always here, girlie!!! xo.