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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have got some catching up to do...

I miss my blogger friends!

I have been crazy busy since the beginning of the year! Yes, just like all of you.
I am happy to report that my FIL had another surgery, at the end of last week, and is home, with nursing care and doing well! Thank God!
Other things that are going on:
I have been out of town far too much to be an effective parent. Homework assignments have gone in late. At least they got turned in and I think the younger ones got full credit. Adam has been placed in a program, designed to help him understand what he is learning and for help with regular assignments. Adam, has also been given a mentor, one of the teachers at the school has taken him under her wing and is there for him, almost, like mom would be if she could! Only thing better, is that this teacher is not Mom! I think it is having a positive impact on Adam. He was very proud, he didn't understand a homework assignment, but really thought he did. While in his class to help him, the teacher's discovered he was doing it wrong, they helped him correct it and he turned it in for an A-! Thank you to those who are giving extra time to my boy, it means the world to me.
I have reconnected, on Facebook, with many of my old friends! This is awesome for me! I am all about the thank-you's and the remembering when's and these are good,uplifting friends who just want the same thing! We are talking about our lives and our kids and our spouses and getting caught up. These are people that helped me through, one of the toughest times in my life, and now I get to reconnect. Because of FB, my class will actually have it's first reunion and it will be our 20 year! I am way excited.
I have been able to chat and talk more often with my cousins, who are like siblings!

In other news, my cousin Shane and the kids, oh yea, and her hubby, maybe relocating, back to the states again! This has me thrilled more than anything!
My baby girl Ava, has celebrated another Birthday! Wow, what a doll, Happy Birthday Ava, I love you and I miss you very much!
I'll update and put a real post on soon. But for now, just pray for my FIL and My MIL for a speedy recovery and rest for both of them.
Be praying that my cousin and her husband do exactly what is right for their family and that the best position for him becomes available.
And Please Wish Baby Ava a happy Birthday!



  1. Great news on you FIL, girlie. And HAPPY HAPPY Bday to Baby Ava. I love that name!!! xo.

  2. Glad you had some time to catch us up! I've been thinking of you a lot lately.

  3. I gave you an award..check out my blog...

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