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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby J...

WOW! Where does the time go.
This is our Baby "J". She just turned 17! Oh my, I remember the day she was born, I remember the call I got when I was in South Carolina! Baby Girl was born.

At that moment, not only did my perspective on life change, but the perspective of my cousins!
We were in awe of her, she truly took our breath away, from that very moment she was born!
Her Mom probably has a different story (something about being in labor for ever or something like that)!
But from being one of those that just watched, this is what she did for me: Jordan, immediately changed me and my outlook on life! Her life offered hope, Love and passion for life!
From the moment she hit the world, I started loving, really loving, life again!
I couldn't wait to get the next picture of her, in the mail! I couldn't wait to get home, in June, to hold her! I listened intently to the stories her mom and Auntie Shane would tell.
Oh wow, don't get me wrong she has also taught us of the stress a child brings on. I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Bigger than that she has given all of us an awesome amount of hope and true life!
She was the one who brought the smile back in our life!

I don't think I smiled ear to ear until the moment I received her picture in the mail! I heard about her birth and it did make me happy, but wow oh wow, when I saw her First Picture I was touched and changed!
Throughout time, she taught about the amazement and the fun of being there for the "firsts"! First steps, first bad action (I think we taught her that), first word (we repeated "mamamammamama" over and over to her, to ensure that Mama would be her first word), First time jumping on the bed (oh yea, I am sure, that Aunts and Uncles-to-be taught her that), the first bad word (we can blame that on Uncle Who), first (stupid) boyfriend, first formal dance, first one to have a drivers permit! Wowowowowoow!
Right into being our first teenager! Wow, oh wow! Makes you crazy just thinking about it! Truth is Jordan has been inspiration from the moment her Mama told us she was going to be coming! I so wish I had baby pics of her to post, but I have to buy a scanner! STINKY!!
She was the one who gave Larry his loving name: Uncle Bobo! He loves it! Adores it! We tried to get her to say Uncle Larbo and that's what she said! We both love it, Larry is Uncle Bobo to this day to those that love him as an uncle! I am Auntie Pizza!
One night, while staying the night with me and Larry, while I did live at home with my mom, she was really trying to say my name! We all tried, Aunt April, Phil, me, Uncle Bobo and Phillip tried to figure out what this precious Baby J wanted. When I think she put her point across and now I am Auntie Pizza! I love it!
I wouldn't trade any moment of it! From the moment she was born until today, she has had alot of pressure on her and for the most part, handles it well!
Please pray that she handles all of life's challenges ahead of her as she needs to, that she learns from the mistakes life has taught her and that she continues to "grab the bull by the horns" and takes the world and that this amazing young lady, not only enjoys life, but enjoys the challenges ahead of her!
Baby J, I just love you and all you have taught me about.

NOW, BABY, NOW is your time! Let yourself shine for you and not for the rest of us!



  1. awwww! Such a truly sweet post and such a beautiful girl!!!

  2. oh my, I can't even talk about how beautiful she is, makes me cry!

  3. Such a heartfelt tribute to Baby J. I felt the Love you really have for her. She is very beautiful...

  4. i love you too auntie thank you so much for being there for me and i thank you the most for being there for me when my dad is a butt i love

  5. A sweet post about a sweet and beautiful girl!

    As you asked, I've said a special prayer for her today.