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Monday, April 6, 2009


I am back to posting a little better these days, I still love it. Just got a little taken away for a moment, you know that life stuff!

If I could post while driving, I'd have good stuff all the time, memories I want to keep! That would be very unsafe, so maybe I should voice record my thoughts and come back to it! HMmm maybe that's a good idea! Even if it just something to jolt my memory! I think that is the only time I really think on my memories and what's going on. Otherwise it is always what needs to be done right now!!

An update on my FIL- he is doing ok. Going in for Dialysis, 3 times a week and constant check-ups wear on him too! Please continue praying for him, I know you do just wanted to let you know where we are with him.

Thankfully, I think my MIL has now decided she can start to take care of herself again. She has some eye surgery? The day after Easter. Keep her in your prayers too. When I figure out what she is actually having done I'll update.

I should be folding laundry and cleaning the kitchen right now!

Polly and I go in for an assessment at the gym today!
I have to turn in paperwork on Adam today, to the Doctor. Finding a counselor, in this area, that takes my insurance, that has availability in the non-school hours is turning out to be a tough task! So we decided to start with our Pediatrician! Adam has been seeing him since he was born, so I think it was easier for him to go in and chat with the Dr. about it!

My kids and hubby really need to learn how to load their own music on their MP3 players! Uggh!

I am looking forward to camping season!

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  1. I can't wait for camping season either! Let me know how the thing at the gym goes. I made it today!