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Friday, April 17, 2009


On Easter, I received a message, on my Facebook page, from a young lady looking for her dad. This young lady was raised by her mom and kept from seeing her dad. This young lady would be considered my second cousin, I think. But, from here on she will be known as my niece!
Sad part is, her dad did want to be apart of her life, he wanted to be there and watch her grow up. Larry and I were given opportunity early in her life, to be a small part of her growing up. We were not allowed to make any reference to who we were and no talk of her dad.
She is 18 now and wants to know about her entire other side of the family. So overwhelming, it is so cool and also makes me a little concerned.
She has already talked to her Dad and they have done some catching up, but 18 years of lost time is alot of time! I have gotten to chat with her too. One thing I have noticed, we never know where to start or how, we get on the phone and either cry or laugh and eventually we get somewhere!
This has been a long time in the waiting. Her Dad knew, when she turned 18 she would find him.
I am so thrilled! I am also a little concerned. Please be praying for our family as we go through this. Please also pray for my niece's family, this is probably a little tough on her mom!


  1. Wow, that is Cool that she found you and at least has a family member to share this with. That has to be so hard after so many years.

  2. Will do. If anyone can ride through this rough patch in life with her, it's you. I'm glad she has someone like you who loves her and will pray her through this. God's got a plan in it!

  3. i just found out she flew in today! Oh my, not sure if I am ready for this, but it must be meant to be! Here we go, with God on our side, everything will go as planned, by Him!

  4. wow. That is truly COOL! I tend to agree with just seem like the person she's probably pretty happy to have in her corner!! xo.

  5. Thanks everyone! But now, we really really need your prayers. She is already here and staying with her Dad! Two people that have never met and never dealt with one another, trying to get to know each other and live together! My heart hurts thinking about it!