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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter is Always Good

My kids have to wait for me to get home, to celebrate Easter. They don't like it much. Because I didn't tell our youngest, that he had to wait for me, before he comes downstairs on Easter, I received a very disappointing phone call! Oh yea, we do the Easter Bunny and the baskets! Mitchell called me on Sunday morning, I was on my way home, (racing home to be there, before they could get downstairs) and I heard, on the other end of the phone, "Mommy, the Easter Bunny didn't come!" My heart died, I was so sad! Then I, with my quick thinking mommy mind, said "Mitchell, Mommy wasn't there to let the Easter Bunny in and to get your baskets out for him, give me a minute and stay upstairs and I'll get the Easter Bunny there!" Sad part is, if I would have just told hubby that I had everything and had that conversation with the kids, about staying upstairs, until Mama's home, none of this ever would have happened. So instead of this, from last year, I got this from this year!
Quite honestly, that's ok, cause this year, they made sure to smile, because they knew I was at the bottom of the stairs waiting to take pictures!!

Now, the truth shall be known, Easter was still a great day with the family and always is an awesome celebration of Scripture being fulfilled!

I went without sleep, because I love having any holiday at my home and sharing with family and friends! I didn't even miss it! That's how awesome my God is!
My kids and Hubby are great and they obliged Mama in the Easter Egg Hunt, that Hubby Helped to hurry and make happen, along with the Easter Baskets! I love it!
I don't buy very much for the kids for Easter, I really want the day to be about the Truth of Jesus' rising and fulfilling the scriptures. They do get candy and usually a kite, except this year! Instead of buying that grass that floats through the house for the next 4 months and the cheap kite that gets broken sooo quickly, I put 5 singles in the bottom of their baskets and a couple pieces of candy along with their Chocolate Bunny and hiding about 12 eggs, that's their Easter Morning and then Mama starts cooking and Daddy hangs out with the kiddos and shares the candy! I love it!
Then all the fam comes over.

Something really really neat happened this Easter! I'll post about that tomorrow night! Oh man, I can't wait to tell you and post more pictures!

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  1. You are amazing doing all that on no sleep! Love the pictures of them coming down the stairs. I hate that Easter grass too! I stopped using it.