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Saturday, April 11, 2009


I could be positive. That wouldn't be the real me right now! I love love love Easter. It is my favorite holiday, after all, it is the day that Jesus Rose Again and DEFEATED satan! I love it, I love that HE rolled the stone away!
It hurts my heart, that this is the choice He needed to make, in order to save us from ourselves! Why is it that we didn't chose properly and chose to follow Him from the start, the one who led us and had and has our back!!! What honestly held our people back from that?
Oh yea, the freedom of choice He gave us from the start!
My God and the Holy Spirit are so loving and such sweetheart's that they don't force themselves on us, like some sort of rape! Seriously, they don't take IT from us, our choices! They love us enough to give us options! I love it, my God is amazing! He Rose He Pushed that Boulder away and He gave Me real life! Real feeling, Real choices, Real love and Real prayer, someone to go to and ask my heart's desire!
That's my amazing GOD! .
I can't tell you how to receive Him, but just to receive Him! I can't tell you where it is that you will meet Him! I can tell you that He is waiting for you and that wherever you want to meet Him, He will be there! No need to set up an appointment long in advance and you don't have to wait for church or until your ready, He is always there and always ready!
There are so many things and thoughts I send to my God! There is even more that I receive from Him! Oh my to even try to put it in words, I couldn't!

Happy Easter! To all! Now Let God Move Your Boulder!


  1. What a great post! I love how you express yourself in such a great way! I second Lisa's Amen!