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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Trying to get back to normal. Thanks so much to everyone for all the prayers for myself and for others!
I am feeling much much better, still not 100% but still much better. The one thing that I did notice in between all my sleeping was how stinking grouchy I was! A real reminder that I wasn't feeling well and neither me or my body could handle anymore! I did go back in to work on Thursday and I did fine! Now I go back to work Monday morning. Not only do I need to get used to getting up in the early morning again but now I would rather sleep a little later to get through the worst part of the morning. Oh well, such as life and I will get used to days again quickly!!
I tried to move around more this weekend than I had during the week so by Saturday night when I thought I would disappear to my room to watch TV that I wanted to watch, the last thing I remember was the clock saying 9:30 and then I saw the clock this morning around 6AM. So much for watching my TV shows!! Good thing is the "off" button in my butt still works!

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