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Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas is coming!!

I am a little calmer today, I realized that the Christmas shopping is almost done and I did start to wrap my gifts yesterday! I really do enjoy wrapping the gifts, I have to sit still, it is something that needs to be done and it is almost therapeutic because I can take my time!!
Every year my friend hosts a "wrapping party" and we are all supposed to bring our gifts and help each other wrap, but because I enjoy wrapping I am usually done by the time this party comes around! So I get to help wrap other's gifts! It is fun and a reason to get together, always a good time and it serves a purpose!! Instead of a Christmas Party this is what we do as friends!!
I am getting very excited and can't wait to put out Christmas Decorations, hopefully Friday will work for this!!
How do you and your friends celebrate the holidays?


  1. Since Thanksgiving is important here, I can't even think about Christmas doings yet. Maybe in another week. Then I go to an annual women's cookie exchange/secret pal reveal, cookie decorating party, gift-swap-game party, neighbor cookie exchanges, go visit Christmas craft shows, visit a few friends with gift or cookie exchanges, and a family reunion dinner. Sometimes a car trip to a relative.

  2. I love Christmas, but I don't think about it until after Thanksgiving.
    I am a bit jealous though, that you have wrapped presents!

  3. I was just starting to really like you and you have to go and ruin it by telling me you are almost DONE Christmas shopping and have started WRAPPING! I am such a slacker!

  4. I feel totally unprepared for Christmas! I've picked up some things here and there for the girls, but not things they've requested. We like to stay home for Christmas, but with all our family far away, that means we go it alone. We've begun a tradition of just having a relaxing morning, and then in the afternoon we go to a movie. I started feeling bad that my kids aren't growing up with the same warm, fuzzy, family-holiday get togethers I remember from when I was a kid. I lived with my grandparents, so I had a whole different perspective. Everyone gathered at our house,and came to us. I'm really missing my Grandmother this year.
    Wow! Sorry for the super-long comment.

  5. OH a wrapping party. That sounds awesome! I need to get in on one of those!!!! I am about 3/4 done with my Christmas shopping. I feel so calm about it this year!

    Hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day. Gobble. Gobble. Gobble!