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Sunday, November 18, 2007

How close is Christmas?

I passed a sign yesterday 38 Days Until Christmas (I guess today it is 37) I think I gasped out loud, very loud!!
I used to be done by this time of the year, but not last year or this year!! I think I just figured out gifts last weekend!!When the gifts are purchased early on, then I can take my time wrapping them a making bows and beautifying my home for Christmas. I better get shopping!! I usually enjoy "slowing down" this time of year, it helps me to take time and reflect on the "true meaning of Christmas". I also, enjoy being able to go enjoy friends and the parties and not feeling rushed!! Guess I'll be rushing to get done so I can get in that mode where I want to be!!

Who is already done? How do you spend your holiday season? Do you feel rushed or relaxed?


  1. I am about halfway done with my shopping. I feel completely on top of it this year. And I cannot wait to put my stuff out for Christmas. I have 4 days off for Thanksgiving so I'll be spending it decorating! I cannot wait.

  2. Everybody has their own time schedule for the holidays! I'm thinking of one my sisters who totally embraces procrastination, like it's a virtue! The joke in our family, when I was little and she was a young adult, still living at home, was that her presents were still "warm" from being wrapped, when we opened them on Christmas morning. She always stayed up way into the night on Christmas Eve doing her wrapping. She said it was "fun." Even though I was a kid, I remember thinking that seemed more like "work." (Besides, I didn't want her to scare off Santa!) To each his own.

  3. I feel pretty calm about it. I started my shopping in the summer, thanks to my daughter. I do on-line shopping for some, which is great for fighting the crowds. I am downsizing this year due to a growing family and the amount of gifts per person is not what it's all about. I want to make memories with my 4 grand-kids by doing a craft or baking cookies. I'm excited to be with my family.

  4. I have some shopping done, but no wrapping. The stress for me comes from work during the holidays. I'm in charge of the set, props, costumes, and lighting for the school Christmas program. This year it doesn't work out so great for days off before Christmas either. The program is the 20th, and we have school the next day. Then, it's 2 weeks off!!
    As far as our Christmas traditions...we decorate some, but not a lot. On Christmas day we do the gifts in the morning, and then go to the movies in the afternoon. That's about it.