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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Music Program at School

I am not a "cool" mom,
I am the gitty,
crazy waving like crazy, picture snapping, insane mom, in the bleachers!
In my defense, my baby girl was so cute and she wanted nothing to do with it:
It became obvious this evening that she is old enough to embarrass and yes she thinks she is too cool for this kid stuff!
I still loved it, it was by far the cutest music program we have been to. All the songs were about food and silly foods.I didn't know my daughter had so many talents, not only can she play the tambourine, but she can play the water jugs!!! Now that is something to write about!!! Even though baby girl is to cool for it!
She is still awesome a did an awesome job!!!!
As for me, getting back on track... an awesome crazy woman's workout tonight followed by a good dinner and a good blog!! Beginning to feel better and get back to somewhere near normal, where ever that may be!! Thanks for all the well wishing and praying!! I'll be back for tales from the scales tomorrow, when I can weigh in in the morning, for me that is best!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks like a fun time. I always enjoyed watching them.

  2. So can we see the video of the awesome crazy woman's workout??? Sounds like fun. LOL
    Path to Health

  3. Musicals are so fun! Glad you're getting back on track. My girls are getting "too cool" for a lot of things too.

  4. I LOVE watching kids plays. They are just so darn cute.

  5. Embarrassing our children is one of the things that Moms are SUPPOSED to do -- and I was a PRO!

    Savor these moments. They'll be over wayyyy too soon.

  6. I always enjoyed Steph's musicals in school. I can remember going with a patch over my eye after an accident with a rock and couldn't see her, but I sure could hear...those were good years. Enjoy every second of it with your kids.