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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Step in the right direction....

In my searching to see what I have, clothing and shoe wise, to take on my cruise, I realized I needed a pair of black heels. (Not started packing)
To let you in on a little secret, I have my own personal "what not to wear" person in my home. He has taught me what looks good and the styles that work the best for me. This person is..Yes..You guessed it.....My Hubby!!!
So this morning I set out to buy my shoes. I have limited time I have to work this afternoon. So after getting the kids on the bus I go..................
Department Store... Nothing
Another Department Store, at the mall......I found some and they are on the clearance rack..but they only have the right shoe (guess that won't work)
Back in the car, across the street to a BIG Shoe store...........Nothing
Back in the car down the way another BIG Shoe store............Nothing
Back in the car down the way to a discount department store (where I NEVER find anything).....guess what..........Nothing
Now I'm a little frustrated, Phone call from hubby comes in
H: Did you find any?
M: NO, I found one pair but they can't find the left shoe!
H: Did you go to this Department Store?
M: Yes, and I didn't find anything.
H: Did you see the wedged, black Strappy heels they have, or is it just an Internet buy
M: No, I didn't see those, are they cute?
H: I think so, I can't really tell they are on a model
M: I don't know, I don't remember seeing anything like that.
H: Well they look like they could (his conversation went elsewhere)

After hanging up with him I go back, BACK to the first Department Store and there they are!!

I think he should have just gone out and found my shoes for me, it was just tooooo much trouble and I could have been done an hour before!!


  1. That is a cool guy you have. My husband would not notice my feet if I was walking around in the snow barefoot.

  2. Maybe you should just ask him to pack for you. That might save you a lot of time. Tell him I'm looking for some great black boots.

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  4. size 11 brown boots or winter like heels to wear with jeans.

    oh, and some kind of dressy slides to wear to a beach wedding with a bridesmaid dress.

    Thank you for shopping with me
    ~Crooked Eyebrow

  5. I have WIDE feet and shoe shopping is always a big nightmare. No wonder I wear my Crocs almost 24/7.

    Glad you found something and hi-5's to your hubby!


  6. Very impressive - a husband with a keen sense of fashion. I'm jealous!

  7. This cracks me up. My husband couldn't be more opposite!

  8. One suggestion:

    No postage. When brown shoes were wayyyy out, years ago, I needed some. Someone told me about this site, and I found exactly what I wanted.