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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Are The Decorations.....

Still trying to come to grips with setting my kitchen on fire!  It's tough, it's a tough thought to know, that I caused the problem.  However, my head immediately takes over and my heart is calmed.
There's alot to be done, the fire damage is only in the kitchen, the smoke and soot damage has taken over my house!
My house is getting cleaned, every corner, every high spot and every hidden notch!  Sure, it will be nice WHEN IT'S DONE!!  We have  been sharing our home with strangers for a week now!  They aren't really strangers any more....actually, two very nice ladies and I'm happy to have the chance to get to know them!  But I am missing my time in my home!  Once the cleaning crew shows up, I try to stay out of their they can do their job!
Then we will be sharing our home with a few different contractors, that we have been meeting along the way!
There's the list, we have to list EVERYTHING that was damaged by the fire or the smoke or the soot!'s an extensive list and every time I think it's done, I come across something else!
The fire/smoke smell is still very predominant in our home!  It sucks!  Every time I open my door, before I get to look around, smell hits me and I'm reminded of what happened!  I'm also reminded of how thankful I am that I get to come home, to my HOME!
I haven't put up any Christmas decorations'll just get in the way of progress!  I like my Christmas decorations....I like the change in the house.....I like the upbeat of the Christmas Season....I love the Reason for the season.........but we're not "in it" this year, YET!
No baking cookies either!
It's tough and I've resolved myself to not having a house until after the Holidays!  That's a tough one! 
But, it does give me time to really put things into perspective....make the season in my heart and not so much the "stuff"!
It's a lesson I'm learning!  I always thought I "got it" but I'm realizing I can "get it" more!  So, I'm celebrating Christmas a new and different way!  I'm decorating my heart and rearranging and pitching what doesn't belong,  in my head......
I'm learning a new way to celebrate the Season! 
So when you see my house and there's no decorations and you wonder if we celebrate Christmas....look into our hearts, we're decorated in there!


  1. Awesome, awesome post, Chrissy! I love it..."decorating our hearts." Well put, my friend. I've been kind of going through the same thing, but on the inside (since the outside- our home is still there to decorate.) I've been letting of things- physical and just mental junk I've carried for too long- and it's amazingly freeing. We really, really should get together soon! Maybe you and your family could come over and we could play cards and drink coffee. I will share MY decorations with you!

  2. This is great, Chrissy. We should all have this outlook on Christmas because your right it's not about the things. God bless you and your family and I pray your home is better than ever real soon!


  3. I can't begin to imagine what you have been through. I pray that everything will go quickly and you get your house back the way it use to be. Just think though, you will have the cleanest house in town.