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Monday, December 6, 2010

If We Would've Believed Our Parents!

I never believed my parents or my hubby's parents about how difficult raising children can be!
Hell, if I would have really LISTENED, we wouldn't have ever given them grandchildren!
So my thought is, they wanted us to know and they wanted us not listen.........they love love their grandchildren and I love my children!!!
But whoa, if you would've convinced me that what our parents were telling us were true it would be different today......
I'd be a parent to no one!
I'm so thankful to be a parent!!!  I love my children and they have blessed me immensely!!  I love being parent and I love my children!
My children are beautiful and a challenge!
Each one of them are different!!
Each one of them are a different challenge!
Each one of them require different challenges and different discipline skills!
It's a challenge and it isn't easy!
I'm learning and so is my hubby!
But this raising kiddos thing, ain't for the faint of heart!
Raising these kiddos requires all heart and all love and strength!
I'm thankful for my guidance in the bible, but I'm even more thankful in my guidance in prayer!
Raising kiddos takes alot out of us!!
But always worth it! 
Each one of them requires different discipline and that's what adds so much difficulty!
I think all 3 of them are great kiddos with an awesome heart!  In order to continue that....we need to continue searching for the best way to discipline each one of them, individually!
Raising kiddos ain't easy!!!!
I'm so thankful we didn't take our parents at face value and I'm so thankful we have our kiddos!!!!!!  It ain't easy, but it's right!!!

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  1. Chrissy -- I believe God will honor you and your husband for raising your children in and by His word. i KNOW it isn't easy, but I believe it is the most important "job" you will ever have. Keep up the good work! :)