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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday was my sister's birthday!
The memories of celebrating her Birthday with her, still warm my heart.  But then, they make me miss her more. 
I made my way through it, just know, they way one does every year!
There were a couple of moments that touched me deeply yesterday!
One was, my daughter left a post on my FB page and said:  Happy Bday Aunt Windy! 
So, touching!  I don't even think my daughter knows how it touched me and also, how sad it made me.  The two never got to meet........but my Windy, gets my Windy!  That's something!
The other was the phone call from my Mom, checking on me!  It's always, short and always sweet, but it's a moment where we connect and we know why and we know we need each other.
Mom always says she loves me and the phone call is ended......
Happy Birthday to my Sister!  There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't thought about, loved, celebrated or honored.....but her Birthday is still a especially special. 
Today, I am thankful, I have a sister and that I did get time to get to know her and that we shared a sister-friendship!

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