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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bestie's Exist?

I have a friend I can tell anything!!!!  I mean anything and everything!
If it's  that I'm mad at my hubby, I can tell her......and she'll love him tomorrow, just like me!  She'll totally agree with me, what an a-hole he is and tomorrow she'll love him, the same as she ever did, or maybe she loves me and he is part of my package, but either way, she still loves him!! 
I have a friend I can tell my deepest darkest secret too and she's still there when I'm finished telling her my secret!
I have a friend I can tell about my children, when they are good, when they are bad and when they are horrible.....I can tell her and she still loves them and me afterwards!
I have a friend that cries with me......that hurts when I hurt and I hurt when she hurts!
I have a friend who accepts me and alll allll allllllll my mistakes and even after she knows all about them, she loves me and she still my friend!
She's the friend that meets me for coffee
that meets me to help me with a child
that listens to me when I'm rambling and doesn't stop me, she helps me continue....she helps me get to the bottom of my rambling.
I have a friend that has the same concerns I do!
She wants her children to be raised properly and to be successful!!  We both want ALL of them set-up for success!
She tells me the truth, even when it hurts!
She'll meet me for chatting when we can make it work!
She cries with me when I cry for my family and I believe she feels my pain!
You know, I feel all the same for her, I hope I am there for her as much as she is me, I hope she can tell me everything and anything!
I'm not sure, but I think this is what "they" call a bestie........I haven't ever been able to entertain the idea, but today I am! 
Is that what your bestie is like?  Is it true, is there really another bestie, after you have lost your bestie, does God really fill that vacancy?  I think He does.......I've never looked at it this way, because 23 years ago my bestie passed away and I knew I would never have another one like her, but I didn't stop to think that God would fill that void of a "bestie"!
It's always been kind of a sweet thought and  a jealousy I've held against my friends........but tonight I stopped to really look at my relationship and I prayed and I asked God, is this it, is this the relationship of a "best friend"?  I want that, I want my daughter to have it and I think she has found it, but my oh my, did I find it for myself?  Has it been under my nose all this time?
I heard God answer me, in my prayer He said, "what does your heart say?" 
I knew, I knew........

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