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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking From the Upside.......

I should have been back here much sooner, like the next day!  So that I could tell you, the next day was much much better (as it always or usually is with parenting).
We are headed in a slightly new direction now.  Not off course, but on course, in a new direction (hopefully, the right direction)! 
We sought help and found that there's a different way, that hopefully, will work better, with our oldest.
So, praying and hoping that all goes well, maybe, just maybe the path we are headed down with our oldest will be the right one, for all of us, but most of all, the right path for him.
It isn't the easiest thing to do, asking for help, but raising a teenager isn't easy either.  I can't see just letting things happen, however they happen, I can only see trying new things, getting help and continuing to work! 
The next few weeks is a trial, from there we tweak and change...I guess that's not really different from the parenting we've been doing, just with a little more advice from the outside.
Since raising children isn't something we were born knowing how to do, we're on a learning curve!  Good part is, both Hubby and I are willing to take part and try new things, neither of us are willing to throw our arms up and just let the raising happen, however it happens.  So with much prayer and much love, a ton of research and reading and seeking out help and support, I think we'll find our way through it.....I think, HOPE, we come out on the other side and all of us, the entire family, looks back and says:
We're in a better place now!
See, there's always an UPSIDE, when your down!!

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