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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watching in Slow Motion.......

I'm watching what appears to be a train wreck, in very slow motion!
It's true what they say about kids (whoever "they" are)! Lil' kids, lil' problems, big kids, big problems!
I am watching and praying! I am on my knees and in constant prayer, as we are always! But this prayer is sooooo consistent and I look up from prayer and it's, as though, I am watching right next to it, behind bullet proof glass! I am to the point where I am in constant prayer and that prayer is: "whatever it takes"! Really, really, God, My Trail Guide for Life, my Best Friend, please please, whatever it takes!
I have been obedient and I have said out loud, to this person, only what has been directed, in order to keep this person out of harms way! Though direction and heart have been given, it is not usually accepted!
I look into this person's eyes and I see no respect for elders and no respect for those that love this person!
My heart weeps and aches!
I have been to this point in prayer over people a few times in my life....this one is slightly different, this person is so young.......I have watched as all the circumstances unfold and lead to this point! The exact point, I pray against! God can turn anything and anyone around, I'm still praying!
My heart knew and believed, my head just couldn't wrap itself around what was going to happen!
Choices have been made...
Facts have been spoken........
Opinions have been made known....
Prayer has been a constant................
Love is without end..................
I pray this is only a slight derailment and not a complete train wreck
But I watch from behind that bullet proof glass and I wait!
I know I'll be one of the first to the scene.......................
I'll help pick up the pieces and I'll help put things back together, if it's allowed!
So I stay, behind the bullet-proof glass, watching it all in slow motion, on my knees, in constant prayer and most of the time......
My prayer is I'm wrong!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Chrissy;
    I have been there several times. Thanks for putting into words how I have felt.

  2. Such a touching post, Chrissy. I've been there too. And it is so hard to just watch and pray. I've said a prayer for this person too. God CAN change the outcome. And if not that, He can bring about good results from those poor choices. He will prevail -- just keep on praying!