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Sunday, May 16, 2010

R U Talkin' 2 Me?

I stepped on the scale at the gym
the scale, I can't stand
this scale never reads the same as mine at home
usually it's a MUCH bigger number
Today it said the same as my scale at home....
Could it be true, is this really working, am I really doing this?
I go through all these questions in my head....
I enjoy for a minute and then I start wondering if the scale is broken!!!!
I have stood in front of the mirror, dressed and naked
I don't see a difference
I constantly question my scale
But, I tell myself to take my victories where they are!
It appears I have been having victories on the scale
but NOT in my mirror!
My mirror says, I still look the same....
My SCALE at home speaks loudly to me, daily!
My home scale is soooo nice! I like it right now
I know if I don't like it, I have only myself to blame!
I love love love, REALLY I do, to exercise
Absolutely no sarcasm here!
I love the adrenaline rush! I love the extra push!
The scale at the gym said the same thing...........
So, why isn't my mirror saying the same thing!?
I'm still happy and still saying I have a small victory here,
but MAN oh MAN I wish I could see it!

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