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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still Learning.....

After all the research and the trips to the Doctor with my oldest, I'm still learning about ADD!
There are so many factors, symptoms and side effects.........
I thought I had a good grasp on it and his teachers taught me more the other day.
I still find myself falling into that frustration with him and not understanding the disease! Don't get me wrong, discipline is still HIGH PRIORITY, but sometimes, just having a little understanding and knowing whatever it was, he may not be in control of! WHEW
We are working together on this and I am not, teachers and the Doctor are all making a real go of understanding and helping him and us with understanding it and coping.
Honestly, I thought all teachers had a good understanding of it, WRONG WRONG WRONG.
What I have found......
I don't have a good grasp, I have some understanding and I'm learning to be compassionate and understanding as my son learns how to cope with it and so do the rest of us. It is troubling for him and difficult for all of us, the frustration on everybody's part is difficult to explain!
Adam enjoys how far he has become...
Not all teachers have a good understanding either!! Thank God for the ones that do! I am thankful for all of his teachers, each one of them have invested time and effort into helping him, even the ones without understanding of ADD.
I had a parent/teacher conference with his teachers last week and I sat there and listened to each one of them say both positive and negative about my boy, I was able to KNOW who understood and who didn't and I was also able to see who really "got" Adam and who really understood from my point of view!
As I listened, I couldn't help but to quietly thank God for how far Adam and his parents have come in understanding and dealing with it! At that same moment, I prayed for more understanding and better coping and more peace about the entire situation!
We are all still learning......and not everyone understands and that's part of the learning process and part of the understanding process..understanding that other people will just not always understand!
Adam has done so well and become so much more engaged in everyday life and focused, it's amazing. His parents have also grown in understanding and knowledge.....there is still such a long road ahead......I'm so thankful we have to go it alone!

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  1. Oh, to be understood and "got" ALL the time by EVERYONE!