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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Mom's are beautiful and amazing! Mom's are..........everything and anything that no one else can be and awesome and right where we need them, right at the right time! Mom's are always willing to take the lesser, so their children can have the "more"! Mom's are always willing to give the credit to someone else and thank someone else for what they have done, knowing all along they had something, if not everything, to do with it and letting that go! Mom's are willing to stand beside the spot light and be there for support, allowing their children to bask in the moment, not expecting anything in return! Moms are always there and rarely given the recognition they are due (quite honestly, even if I'd try, it just wouldn't be enough recognition)!
Mom's are the biggest cheerleader and the loudest one that says go for it, you can do it! Mom's are the one's that push us past, what we think are our limitations, only to find success!

Mom's are the one's, still on their knees, hoping, praying, speaking, guiding and leading us to the best that God has for us! Mom's are the one's that don't give up, give in or turn away! Mom's give beyond, what they believe in themselves to give to their children! Mom's are the one's, still at the alter, when we have already left! Mom's are the one's that believe in their children, when their children don't believe in themselves! Mom's are the one's that promote, the "I CAN DO-IT" attitude! MOM'S are amazing and not recognized enough! To my Mom and to the My Mother-in-Law and to a special Mom who has always believed in me and been a special part of my life and to the Mom's who have believed in their children..............without giving up, without fail and with constant prayer
Happy Mother's Day!!!
You are not honored enough, but loved more than words can say!

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  1. Beautiful roses! I got some pretty flowers too, but I'm kinda sad because I've 'misplaced' my camera and can't post a pic. I'm sure it will turn up. I just don't know where ;)