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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've Tried to Stop it...............

Proof that there are consequences to our actions
I have prayed and prayed and begged with God to not let this lil' girl grow up. I never received an answer of "no" or an answer of "Yes". I have received the answer that there are laws of the land and consequences! Sometimes, good consequences, sometimes bad consequences and sometimes the consequences are neither good nor bad!
12 years ago, I gave birth to my baby girl! It was amazing, not a dry-eye in the room, not myself or my hubby or the nurses!
I remember hearing "girl"! I'm not exactly sure what was said directly before or after! I do remember looking at Larry and seeing the tears and the smile on his face! Next words I remember hearing were "what's her name?"
Larry and I almost simultaneously said "Windy"! Not a dry-eye in the room! I remember the phone calls to his parents and my mom...I really think the only thing Larbo could get out was, it's a girl!!! I don't remember him saying much more! I remember hanging on to her for quite some time, I just couldn't let the nurses take her away to bathe her and weigh her and politely enough, they obliged (I think everyone needed a moment to get themselves together)! Everyone that was in our room to deliver Windy, knew of my sister and the story and since they ask your history, they knew who I was and who my sister was!
Windy was the only one, they allowed us to keep to ourselves before they "did" all their stuff! All was said and done and our door closed on the room and we oohed, ahhed, hugged, kissed and loved on and over her for the next two hours! Then we let her go get cleaned up!
She was the smallest of the 3 children and she was an "easy baby"! She liked her sleep and she liked whatever we liked for her!
Now, I see the namesake thing! If you don't think you can "speak" something over someone, or "call" things into being, let me tell you about my baby girl and the people she is named after! She carries alot of my sisters characteristics and having never met her it's amazing to see what she has received from her namesake (somethings she has received she will enjoy later in life, she doesn't enjoy everything right now), some she loves and some she struggles with and some she doesn't even realize she carries! Her middle name belongs to her Gramma. I have watched, what I think, is a special relationship between them grow. Gramma is kind hearted and loving and always willing to help, she has a dedication to responsibility and that's where Windy gets it! I love calling her Katie from time to time and her response is perfect, it's so Gramma!
Windy is sweet, kind and generous. She is loving and passionate and has deep concern for others. Windy carries a style all her own and wears it well! She is absolutely amazing in so many ways, she is positive and brings out the positive in others!
Windy Kay, Katie, Kay, Yaya, Ya's, Gracie, Grace, "The Girl", Girl, Yatta's, WINDY,

call her any of these names and she responds, exactly the same, like herself, like our Windy Kay! She gets many great characteristics from her namesakes, but she made them all her own and became our Windy Kay!
Happy Birthday Windy!! I love you!



  2. ♫ Happy Birthday to Youuu ♫