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Monday, May 3, 2010

Success Complete or Continued

I'm not sure I can prove myself any longer. I am human and I am a person, I am also a woman, with real emotion and tons of heart!
I have 3 children and a husband I adore
I like to have painted fingers and painted toes
When put my painted toes inside my crazy boots, I'm a lil happy and a lil proud! I have my painted toes, that only a few know about, inside of a dusty, junked up pair of "work-boots
I enjoy my nails and the colors I have put on them and then I put them inside some crazy work-gloves!!!!!!!
I enjoy wearing a pretty necklace but I won't wear any jewelry to work, it's dangerous!
My normal dress is a pair of blue jeans and a collared shirt! It's what I wear to work! I love to wear skirts and dress pants, but it doesn't happen to often!
I know I have proven myself and I have proved that I can do, what used to be considered a "mans job" and I can do it well! I had/have bigger goals............I'm really ok, with where I am! I have done well and proved myself, not only to myself but to those I work with!

I know I'm putting the "cart before the horse" but if it's time for me to step down, I'm ok with it, it's necessary!
I've been upset for days and I realize that I am not upset with taking a step back, I'm really just dealing with undealt fear and emotion! My plan isn't to totally step away, my plan is to take a step back and wait, only if that is what is necessary! Right now, I'm not sure if I am with "full force go ahead plan" or with "take a step back and watch plan", it really just depends on what happens next!
Today and tomorrow and the next couple of days as I put my painted toes inside the junked up boots and put my painted nails inside a pair of oily gloves and I remove all of my jewelry and I put my jeans on.............I'm going to enjoy it, I'm going to enjoy every bit of success that means for me!
All the while, knowing it might be the last few days I get to do it this way! I'll still wear it all, but not with the same attitude I have now, it'll be a lil different!
Who knows, I may be concerned for nothing!
If only I could get in touch with the right people.........

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  1. I can totally relate with you...with the work situation that is. This reminded me of putting on oily work clothes and such and also the surprise of my co workers when they seen me out and about in girl clothes(seems like many years ago). They were some of my best friends then but now I love just staying home with my babies...
    Stay Happy, Successful and doing what is right for you!!