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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Love The Phone

I was at work this evening, as I am most Saturday evenings and my phone rang (my office phone) much to my surprise it was Yaya (Windy)! I didn't know she knew my number at work, she definitely knows my cell phone number and she is very good at using it! Yaya is very good at communication, especially when it comes to the phone! This makes me happy, because she doesn't hold back from calling Mama, whenever she wants too! I honestly want all my family to feel this way, if I can't answer, you just have to know I will call back ASAP!! It's too dangerous to answer my phone when I am in the yard! Anyway, I was so excited by this call from Yaya and I know it may not seem like a big deal to yous, but a big deal to me, because I feel included in her life! Anywho, back to the phone call!

Windy called me while I was working and I answered the office phone as usual "service track Chrissy"! I heard a "what?" on the other end, immediately I knew who it was!

Me: "Baby Girl?"

Ya's: Yes, mommy! I can't get my hair to go right!

she's only 11 going on 22!! No, seriously she is a typical almost 12 year old and I am tickled!

Me: Well, are you ready for the party?

Ya's: No, I'm getting ready and packing my bag at the same time!
(this party is a sleep-over)

Me: Do you have your sleeping bag?

Ya's: no, I'll go get it! My hair was the way I wanted it and then I sprayed hairspray in it and then it got too fluffy! I got my sleeping bag

Me: You mean like frizzy?

Ya's: yea

Me: Did you use the flat iron?

Ya's: No, I have it heating up now!

Me: You know, Daddy can help you if you want him too!

Ya's: No, I can do it! Mom, I am wearing my new jean jacket! You think it will look OK, with that long blue shirt with long sleeves?

Me: New jean jacket? Where'd you get that?

Ya's: Gramma took me shopping at Kohl's today and they were having a big sale and she got like a percent off and then another 15% off! So she bought it for me and she bought me a shirt! They are so cute!!

Me: Ahh, a Kohl's sale, I'm surprised!

Ya's: Mom, should I pack my black long sleeved shirt or my Coca-cola shirt you bought me for Christmas?

Me: Babe, it's gonna be cold you'll probably want the long sleeves.

Ya's: But what if I'm hot?

Me: then pack'em both, no big deal!

Ya's: Mommy, I gotta go, the flat iron is hot now!

Me: Ok, have fun at your party tonight! I'll pick you up at 10am tomorrow. Love you

Ya's: Love you too

We both hung up and I couldn't help to feel, if even only on the phone, she needed me and she wasn't afraid to call me! If it was only about her hair or what to pack, she called me, and her Daddy (who would move the earth, the sun and the moon for her and even help her with her hair) was right downstairs and totally available to help! I only have her at my home for a few more years and I am away most nights when she is preparing for the fun stuff, I thought I was missing out on her getting ready for the fun stuff!

Tonight I discovered, I am NOT missing out, I am enjoying it in a different way!

I am so thankful she knows how to use the phone and she isn't afraid to!


  1. That's awesome, Chrissy! I love that you have that with Windy. I really miss you guys. I'm sad that she and Alisha didn't get to stay friends.

  2. WOW...this brought me to have done a great job thus far...the trust, the comfort that baby girl has for you is amazing...Good Job Chrissy! Love this and love you!

  3. Wonderful, Chrissy. I'm sure you'll both remember and treasure moments like this phone call many years from now!