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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holiday Weight!

Life is finally getting back to normal, or normal for my family anyway!
I had a minor surgery on the 11th of December and I have been waiting to get back to the gym! Even though the Dr. said I would be fine, to go back to the gym in a week, and back to work right after the weekend, I just didn't feel right. So I took sometime off from the gym (of course I headed back to work)! Then we headed strait into Christmas Holiday and a break from school and and and! You all know the stuff during the season that takes up some time! It wasn't bad, I really enjoyed our holiday this year! Not going to the gym, made it so I had to be a lil more careful, with my choices of food, than usual during the holidays!

So last week I headed back to the gym and was able to jump right back into my routine! Back to running a mile to warm up and then a class or some sort of cardio for 45 minutes! Whew, what I relief, I was quite concerned I wouldn't be able to "hit it" right away!

I decided that if I was able to get back into my "gym" routine so quickly, that maybe I should try stepping on the scale for the first time in 6 weeks! To my surprise, I maintained my weight-loss, during the holidays! wohooo! Now, I'm a lil angry because if I was able to maintain, where would I be with the gym or would I have just enjoyed the food a bit more!

(Yes, you can still see lots of chub, but I haven't posted a pic in awhile so I figured it was time)

Not gonna speculate, just gonna head back to weight loss routine and see some more pounds melt off!

I'm excited!


  1. Girl, you look great! Good for you on maintaining. I find that going to Curves gives me that boost of energy I need. You keep it up girl, you are doing great. I love those rooster pictures on your wall.

  2. What a cute picture, Chrissy! I think you look great.

  3. You look great! You're much more dedicated than I. I got back into the gym routine after the new year, and am now once again sidelined with sickness. I hate this crap! I guess I just need to learn to work out while not feeling well. You're an inspiration!