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Friday, January 29, 2010


I consider myself a kind person and always striving to be more kind, however my kindness should not be confuse with being a "push-over"!
Sometimes I can hear in peoples voices or their tone that they think I am so "kind" that they can do whatever they please to me! HA!
I am so frustrated with the thoughts of others on kindness! I am kind and I do smile and I do find the positive side of things! Make no mistake, I am not a push-over! Just because I forgive, doesn't mean I forget. Just because I love, doesn't mean I like! Just because I find the positive, don't think I don't see the negative!

I can't stand having my kindness pushed! If you have ever dealt with this you know what I am talking about! Unfortunately, there have been a few, that their "ideas" of me have changed after pushing me!
I love because that's what I am supposed to do, I am called to it! I don't have to like everyone! I pick my friends carefully and guard my heart at all times! Just because I am able to get passed a moment, that does mean I forgive, it has nothing to do with forgetting, and it has everything to do with guarding my heart and the hearts of my family a little more when I am around that person!
I am strong and heartfelt, kind to others (most of the time) I am NOT a push-over, I don't just accept things because "others" say too!
I see kindness as a strength, not a weakness! Just because someone is nice to you, doesn't mean they will accept anything you dish out!
I make my own choices and stand up not only for myself, but for my family! I am a follower of "the rules" I like rules and policies, because there is no grey area! Black and white, easy to follow!
Please make no mistake! Kindness should never be taken as a push-over!


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  2. I love this! You are right just because you are kind doesnt mean you are a push over...I have never viewed you as a pushover....only a a friend who would do anything for anyone in the world within your power because you make the choice to do so as long as people respect that and not take advantage of make me smile and I love your wisdom!

  3. A wonderful statement of who you are, Chrissy. I'm sure someone who misreads you as a push-over doesn't make that mistake twice! :) You go girl!