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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I DO Care More About What Others Think.....

and I don't, always believe it is a bad thing!

As I was Running (yay me) on the treadmill this morning at my gym, I found myself surrounded with "skinny minnies" who appeared to be in shape! I am not sure if they really were or weren't! But I did find myself judging what I thought, they were thinking!
I said to myself, just because I am chubby doesn't mean I am not in shape! Just because my exterior says one thing, doesn't mean that is who I am!

From here I went to a myriad of places! I went from thinking about my appearance to all the different hats I wear! Everyone has tons of different "hats" to wear.

I found myself having a conversation with myself about where I am and where I would like to be! There are so many things I would change about me, but there are so many I would like just to add to!

Sometimes I am a good Wife and sometimes I have work to do in that area! Sometimes I am mean "tough guy" at work and sometimes I am compassionate woman at work. Sometimes I am prayer warrior and sometimes I am praying without the warrior part! Sometimes I am the Chef and sometimes I am the food delivery boy! Sometimes I am the spender and sometimes I am the saver! Sometimes I am strict mom and sometimes I am fun mom! Sometimes I am a good time wife and sometimes I am nag wife! Sometimes I am "mean Mom". Sometimes I am "bitch Wife". Some times I am the mom and the wife that makes coming home worth it! Sometimes I am a good friend, sometimes I am a forgetful friend. Sometimes I say what I shouldn't have and sometimes I don't say what I should've! Sometimes I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and sometimes I can "tie one on" with the best of'em, sometimes I am designated driver. Sometimes I am "Taxi-Mom"! Sometimes I am a "mourner". Sometimes I am a "celebrator of life". Some days I am the "Nurse-Mom" and some days I am "nurse-wife". Sometimes I am good daughter and sometimes I am a mean daughter!! Sometimes I am the "vet". Sometimes I say whats on my mind and sometimes I hold back. Sometimes I am "crazy workout woman" and sometimes I am "couch potato"! Sometimes I am "Mrs. Fix-it" and sometimes I am "Mrs. Broke-it"! Sometimes I am the "housekeeper" and sometimes I wish "housekeeper lady" would finally show up! Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I am nervous and sometimes I am sad and alot of times I am very happy! I am so many more things as we all are!
Truth is, if I didn't care what others thought of me, maybe I wouldn't care what or how I said something to them or I wouldn't care to be who they needed at the moment. If all of us never cared, what someone else thought of us, how would we be the person a loved one needed at that moment! How would we ever care enough to know that a friend needed a hug, or our children need disciplined, or that our husband/wife just needed loved or held on. How would we ever be compassionate caring people?

I know I always used to say, it doesn't matter what other people think! But I really guess in a way it does matter, because what they are thinking is sometimes what they need from me at that moment! The real truth here is to not allow other people's thoughts of you change you for the negative, to allow yourself to be who you are and always striving to become better at who you are intended to be!


  1. Wow, thank you for the post, it shows it so clearly. Sometimes, I am just I am.

  2. So true Holly, sometimes I am just I am! Sometimes I want to be more and sometimes I want to be less than what I am! sorry for not posting lately without a computer it has been rough! But I am back to my blogging!

  3. Well said, Chrissy! So glad you're back and your computer is fixed. I missed hearing from you and what's going on in your life. We REALLY need to get together for coffee!