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Thursday, November 19, 2009


my heart just aches
my mind hurts
and I don't know what to do
I pray and I pray
God's answer is just wait
My heart aches more
my mind just gives "away"
and I honestly don't know what to do
I pray and I pray
God's answer "I told you just wait"
God's answer to my heart is "I have this, you really just need to wait, there will be no audible answer to your mind or your heart, you will just have to trust ME"
so I trust in Him! My heart and mind will trust in Him!
Both of us and us "one in the same" will wait and trust and know what He is doing is right, for everyone involved!
Honestly, my heart trusts and my heart continually talks to my head! My mind and my heart pray together, understanding, that each contradict one another and also that each, confirm, one another and also that "they" are on the "same path"!!
So many things can mean so differently and mean so the same!
The difference is hearing from the Holy Spirit!



  1. So hard to hear "wait". I've been "waiting" for an answer to some questions for YEARS. I was blessed with an "it's time" recently, but now the wait begins for my husband to reach the same conclusion.

  2. Chrissy -- Just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas, and let you know I am thinking about you.

    Hope either your wait has ended, or you have become at peace with the wait.

    Regards, Sandra