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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

He's Off By Himself

I sent Adam to meet family in DC! He flew on a plane all by himself! We were able to drop him off right at the gate and Uncle Tony was at the gate in DC waiting for him, so he wasn't really alone, except on his flight.

I was concerned, not that the family I was sending him to wouldn't take good care of him, I was just concerned that he was leaving me all by himself. He did it. He went and everything went well. I hear he was very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed himself!

He saw so many of the sights, he was able to enjoy his cousins and his Aunt and Uncle without Mom and Dad "hanging" over his shoulder. He was able to trick-or-treat with his cousins, wearing his Uncle's Air Force Uniform, how cool is that!

He was only gone for a few days and they packed as much as they could into that time. The day I picked him up from the airport, I don't know if he was smiling bigger, because of his experience or if I was! I was so blessed by him being able to go and the respect and maturity he showed why he was away. I wasn't sure how well he would do, that far away from home. He is also, very comfortable with his Aunt and Uncle, so I was concerned it would cause him to relax and not be on his best behavior! Boy, was I wrong (or someone is lying to me)!! Turns out he was able to surpass what expectations I had for him and in turn I was blessed! I love it!

I think part of the key to keeping him happy was feeding him often!!

Pretty neat experience for all of us, we all learned something new about ourselves and each other.


  1. That's awesome! I'm so glad he had the opportunity to do that. Is that the first time he's ever been to DC? Such a neat place.

  2. He is such a handsome young man. What a neat experience for him. It is hard sending them off but we all have to do it sometime or another. He looks like he really enjoyed himself.

  3. What a wonderful adventure for Adam. He'll always remember that trip. It's great you were able to put your "mom" anxieties aside and let him go. :)