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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here's What Happened to Me

I have been without a computer since shortly after Thanksgiving! I was logging on to the internet and the computer shut down and would not NOT let me restart it! So I messed around with it for a couple of days (more like a week and a half)! Then I called the help desk at Dell and found they wouldn't even help without charging me and then I called the Geek Squad!

Geek Squad said, "hmmmmmmm, bring it in there's nothing you can do with it" Really, nothing, do I sound incompetent on the phone or are you just trying to make money? Hmm! Doesn't matter, without help I've got nothin! We all enjoy our computer, yes we only have one in our household and no laptop to back it up, just one desk top computer!

So I take the computer in! Yes, I do have friends that "work" on computers and probably could have called them and save a few $! But, who wants to ask friends for a favor in Christmas season!? You know what I mean! Are you kidding me!?

yes, Hubby complained and understood at the same time!

So, day after surgery (different post later, nothing major) I take my children and my computer to Geek Squad! Make my oldest carry in the tower! Promptly pay the first $100 and feel lump fall into my stomach!
3 weeks later Geek Squad calls, it's looking better, but they need rescue disks! Huh? why didn't you tell me this when I dropped the tower off? Oh yea you didn't know! Yea right!
Call Dell order Rescue discs and pay another $75 and hope it works!
3 more weeks go by and now its pay another $200 and get your computer out of here!
Are you serious? I could have purchased a whole new comp for that, but at least I have a backup to my backup discs! urg!

But I am back! yes!


  1. Next time call US! No matter the time of year, Phil would have worked on it for you. Glad you're back!

  2. Lisa, I know I know I know, but it is so hard to ask someone to do something extra, it is just so difficult!!! All the time, I kept thinking of Phil and our friend Chris and why couldn't I ask for help from them, it is just so hard! Thanks next time, it is going to be easy to ask for help with this crazy comp!!!