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Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's A Real Date

Tonite I went on a "Date" with my Husband Larry! Amazing and fun! We met another couple out after they had dinner and we chatted and laughed and it went from a four way One-conversation to two two-way conversations! The other girlfriend and I totally related, we are so totally in the same position right now! Every once in awhile, the two two-way conversation would head back to the one four-way conversation and all four of us would laugh at the same thing and then back to two two-way conversations! I was validated tonite! Totally validated, in that I am not alone in my feelings of frustration with my children! I was validated, in that I totally love them, but want my children to be upstanding and respectful!!! Ahhhhhhh! amazing to me!
So two kids are spending the night with their friends and one needs picked up from his play-date with a friend! When picking the youngest up from his play-date, it only reminds me that there are two kids not at home! I hate it, hate it, hate it when they are not all home! I have raised them to be confident and secure in their choices and now I regret that! I want them to want to be at home, all the while, soooo thankful that they are secure in their choices of being away from home! I know they all know they can dial any phone or all phones for mom and dad and they can be home in no time! I will be there to get them and have proven that a few times in their lives! Good job MOM!! But NOW mom wants to change her tune and ask them to stay home and only have sleep-overs at our home!! So totally not an option!
As my husband and I reflect on our evening out together and get the youngest situated at home, my Husband is focused on the fun we had and the opening to new conversation between us, I am only focused on the fact that there are two children missing in my home! OH MY!! This is what I have been fighting against all along! Making sure that my husband and I have more than just our children in common and we do, but I am so lost in the fact that two are missing, I can't focus!
Honestly what am I going to do when they all leave me? My youngest is only 8 and I have time to plan! But I never planned on loving my children so deeply and immensely! I never planned on God blessing me so much!

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  1. This is where I am different from other moms I think. When mine are gone (one or more of them) things just go on. Marissa has been gone whole weekends before and I haven't thought about her but maybe once the whole time. Does that make me a horrible mother? Maybe, but we have a great relationship, and she always comes home, so it's all good.
    So glad you had a chance to go out and have some fun! Phil and I have NO couple friends in common. I can't remember us EVER going out on a date with another couple. That kind of makes me sad.