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Friday, December 21, 2007

This would have been my choice:

If I could choose how I would spend the days before the holiday, when I have to work the holiday, this would have been it!!
I unexpectedly had the day off when my two younger children had their holiday party at school!
Now, I wasn't commited for being there or anything, which is what made it easy to pop back and forth between classrooms! I didn't commit because when they were planned I still had weekends off! This was so much fun for me, I really enjoyed watching the children interact with the other children in the classroom, they really have made good friends this year, some of them from the past years and a few new ones. On a side note, isn't it funny how when we like the children we also like their parents!!
After their parties, I was able to allow the kids to invite one of their friends over, since there wasn't any homework and let them play!
These crazy kids decided to go play outside!! I had no idea how wet it was out there!! The wet made good packing snow for a few good snowmen!! They laughed and played and enjoyed each other so much I was truly blessed!

I was inside, most of the time and I actually got to bake Christmas cookies, alot of them! This is something I thought I wasn't going to get to do this year!! Yea!!
So this is my Christmas, since it will be a quick one on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day since I need to be at work, but if I had to choose to spend a holiday other than the holiday day this would be it and I didn't get to be involved in the planning of it, it just happened this way. I know that God planned it, but I am so thankful that he didn't include me on the planning, thinking about it would have stressed me out and because of who He is it worked out perfect and even de-stressed me a bit (now that is a word you don't here this time of year)!!!
Somewhere around 25 dozen cookies later, I am on my way to prepare for work!
I hope that all of you are finding a way to enjoy your family this Christmas Season!!


  1. OH what a lucky mom. I bet the kids loved seeing you there. I had to do all the treat bags and then con someone into driving them to school for me today because I had to work!!!!

  2. I bet you made some good cookies! You're such a good mom.

  3. What a wonderful post! You ARE a good mom, and that shows in where your priorities are. And it is wonderful to read this because you give God the credit He deserves, but we all so often forget to give. May God bless you and your family more than you could even pray for in 2008! Merry Christmas!!!!

    Your new blogging friend, Sandra

  4. Check today...yesterday was too busy. How does that always happen. Wait, I know...when you sleep until 11:15 in the morning to catch up on sleep from the previous stressful week, you day starts half over. That's what does it.