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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

just two days ago..................

I was on a ship in the Pacific in a bathing suit, soaking up the sun!!
The cruise was amazing and only mostly amazing for my husband! The temps were 85 degrees and above (yes yes yes)! We had sunny skies 7 out of the eight days and the one day was just overcast and it was at the end!! We went with my husband's sister and her husband! You can see them in the picture! We have been on a cruise before with them and they are very very good at this "cruising thing". We didn't know too much of what we wanted to do so we hooked on to them and bugged them the entire cruise!! (I would say sorry to Todd and Sherry, but I am not) It was so much fun to be with them and enjoy ourselves!!
In Cabo San Lucas we laid on an amazing beach and did NOTHING!!! It was warm and beautiful! We did also go to Cabo Wabo and enjoy a little!
Then we were on to Mazatlan! Amazing Beach with this little place called Letty's! We laid in lounge chairs on the beach and ate chips and the most amazing guacamole and pico de gallo you have ever tasted in December! A woman that has an apartment in this area showed us to this place and when we got there we found out that Sherry and Todd had already spent an amazing day there! So guess what, we plopped down and totally enjoyed!!!!!!
Next, we were on to Puerto Vallarta!!! This is where we went to Krystals Resort and enjoyed the most amazing "couples massage". 75 minutes of my own massage, full body and my husband had his own! I think I fell asleep, I was sooooooo relaxed! And the price was amazing also!
Next we were back to the ship for my favorite days, "SEA DAYS"! Just lay by the pool and sleep and relax, nobody needs or wants anything from me, they just want to do for me!!!!!! All I had to do was stake my claim on my lounge chair by the pool and relax! Oh yea, did I mention the food? For being on the cruise I was pretty good, I think, or I guess I really didn't care all the food was good and I enjoyed eating every hour on the half hour! The shows were great and being alone with hubby was good too!
Did I mention we met some great people along the way?! (these amazing women were only 3 of 10 that were on an all girls vacation)! The ladies here were making the best of being without children and hubbies, how sad (sarcasm).
Did I mention that we road ATV's on the beach in December and I can drive fine on solid ground but I have never gone ATVin on the beach!!! Oh yes I saved it all four wheels ended up on the ground and mama was fine and lovin it!!!
Now we had a great time not only with just my hubby and I, but absolutely enjoyed being with his sister and brother-in-law!! I think we stressed my brother-in-law out a bit, but I think he got over it!!
Just so you know hubby did get nauseous on the last two days. The Pacific had rough waters those days! I checked on him from time to time and even brought him medicine and he did join us once or twice! For me all the time was an amazing vacation full of rest, for hubby it was mostly amazing and all restful!! I laughed past the point of cheeks hurting everyday! I knew my children were fine and did not worry! It was an awesome vacation and I know that I didn't design it or pick it that way, God had to be involved in this vacation it couldn't have been better for any person with only one week off in two years!!
We shopped a little and played alot, so much fun and so relaxing!!
Today, we both went back to work, it was sooo cold and so YUK!! Back to pursuing career goals!


  1. OH my goodness does that look like fun! I'm so happy for you!!

  2. Glad you had a great time. Happy pictures to treasure, now that you're back to the real world!


  3. You looked great! Glad you had a chance to get away and have fun with your hubby.

  4. So glad you're back! I don't even have time to read about your trip now. I have a dinner I have to leave for in 5 minutes. I'll check back tonight.

  5. You look like you enjoyed yourself! I am so happy for you that you had such a great time!

    ( BTW-i'm jealous of your legs too )

    Welcome back to cold, icky Indiana!

  6. Ok, I finally had a chance to read. Glad you had fun! You deserved it. I know how Larry felt. I was sick the last two days of our cruise (this was 5 years ago.) My seasickness stayed with me for days. I hope he is back to normal. I know you made some great memories.

  7. YAY! You made it home safe. You look GREAT........all smiles. I love it. Until the next cruise, you are back in the land of the working.

  8. Oh, such wonderful pictures and I could only imagine how much fun you had. You look great by the way! Suntanned and all. Welcome back to Reality!

  9. Oh my.....I am really looking forward to Hawaii in March!!!!