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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I thought I was done Christmas Shopping! Ha ha ha

Thank you thank you thank you... your comments from yesterday's post have helped me tremendously. All of them brought tears of joy to me. As I wrote the post my eyes were truly filled with sadness and my heart was very heavy! After I wrote that post I was immediately lightened up and my heart was lifted a bit, but when I read the comments I was brought back up to where I needed to be. I cannot say thank you enough!
My baby girl got an 80% on her test that I was so concerned for, she studied on her recess and was able to ask her friends to help her!! I emailed her teacher to let her know how concerned I was for Ya's and when she emailed me that she received and 80%, one of the highest scores in the class, everyone I work with knew how proud I was. She took responsibility seriously and succeeded!
My baby boy came home and immediately told Nana of a Math test he thinks he has done well on! Nana called me at work and suddenly I felt as though I was doing right again and that this is a phase and that "this too shall pass" I was a strong, proud mama again!
The baby is just concerned about the Christmas Party, I mean Holiday Party coming up at school tomorrow and does not get the grab bag gift exchange idea at all. No matter how many times I explained it he wanted to give his gift to one certain student. I finally told him it will go in a bag and everyone will pick and whoever gets it gets it and now I think he gets it!!
I know I told you Christmas shopping was done, remember! There was still one gift to purchase but Larry would not let me get it until Christmas was closer because "electronics go on sale right before Christmas" so I waited and now the buying is back on!! Hubby took the day off to be with me today and go get the one gift we needed and now we are almost done again!!!! This happens every year! I spend and purchase and get what we are getting for the kids and I am very very reasonable in my purchasing. Until today the two younger children had about $60 in gifts a good job on my part. I was not going to over do it! That has all changed, Daddy went shopping!! Now the gift amount is to high to admit but it is done AGAIN!! I certainly enjoyed Larry today, I am so glad he took the day off to be with me it was so good and soooooooo what I needed! I really do like spending time with him!


  1. We do the same thing. Phil has off tomorrow, and I wish I could spend the day with him, but we have school.

  2. It's great that he gets involved in the gift-buying. Hubby never had much interest in that. Nice bonding time for you!