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Friday, December 14, 2007

Reality Hits!

Wow! Reality has hit hard!
Back to everything and add in the Holiday Season, this is crazy!
They have changed my schedule at work, it is supposed to be a better opportunity toward the direction I am heading (dare I say, More TRAINING). My schedule is probably the worst schedule you can ask for! Days off are during the week and I work afternoons, YUK! I will make it through it though. One good thing, I can see my kids get on the bus and the stores aren't as busy during the weekdays and I can also help get the kids to appointments on my days off. I guess you can say it isn't all bad, just weird!

I have met a whole new group of people and am learning to work with them! I hope I get to know them quickly it makes it so much easier when you know people! I have learned that the afternoon shift is very special, they actually share a meal together. What I mean is that instead of spreading out they gather in one area and enjoy dinner together, kind of like a family! One gentleman said to me (a good way of explaining it) it is either enjoy here together or when we get home we eat alone, which one would you prefer!? I thought this was neat. They make the shift work for them, and make the best of a not-so-good shift! I think something like this creates more of a bond or a team atmosphere! I'm sure I will be filling you in as I go!

Oh and by the way, it was like 85 degrees in Mexico, this cold weather is so cooooold it is hard to get used to again! I was only gone 1 week!

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  1. Good luck with your new work schedule. It sounds like the nice people you're working with may be a little bit of compensation for the inconvenient hours.

    You'll do fine.