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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


On Sunday, Larbo and I headed out for a Poker Run, in Memory of our friend Ron Moser. He fell at work and left behind an amazing and beautiful wife and 2 beautiful children! When I see them I am overjoyed, at how well they are all doing and then I find myself wondering, are they really ok or are they just muddlin through it!
Larry and I didn't ride, we went to the registration together, where we were supposed to help, but instead we stood around chatting with friends and taking pics of the event. I was so blessed by it all, the help, the love and the joy that was seen that day!
After the riders all left, Larbo and I headed to breakfast and then to the place where the event ended! We checked out the bar where it ended and helped the others there set-up for the riders to come in. Just whatever was needed and then we sat patiently and watched the race until riders began to arrive! As they pulled in on their bikes, there were smiles to be seen on every ones face! What an honor for Ron!
It was time for Larry and I to leave, but I still had to write out a check. We got in the truck and I began to write out the check, the date was 10-4! A few of you know the story, but 10-4 is a special date for me! I was already weepy and when I wrote the date, I said it out loud and Larbo looked at me and he just understood, my eyes filled with tears of joy, 10-4 was now going to be a special day for my friend! I knew she was going to be ok, not without help, support and lots of love from friends and family, but with all of that my friend Wanda and her kids were going to be ok!My questioning if she was just muddlin' through it was answered! Sometimes yes and sometimes no, but it became very clear to me that Wanda and her children were going to be just fine! Not without the help of friends and family, but with all of us, not only would this young amazing woman succeed, but she is going to be alright!
Funny note, I didn't see what she was doing when I took this pic and I told her to sit still and I took another one, turns out I like this pic best!
10-4 Everything is ok, I got it and I completely understand! I love how God speaks to me right where I am! Thanks God, you know exactly what I need all the time, every day!


  1. powerful post. -Holly in CA

  2. Looks like you all had a good time for a good cause.