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Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm A Mess!!

I am such a mess!! I am at work, it is "my Friday" and we are actually slow today! I pray my night continues on like it has!
Having a lil time I have been catching up on blog reading and now, I am a crying weepy mess! Not exactly how one should look when working with locomotives and all men! Uh-oh, I shouldn't have read them, but I did and I think it is a good idea to share some of them
Mimi had me thinking
Beth was blessed by KMart and I was too, just by watching it!
CE talked about the day she gave birth to her precious Miss E
and now, I am what you would call a sloppy mess! Crying weepy, blessed, mess!

Now, add to that:
Yesterday, I went to school and cleaned out my Adam's locker with him in the morning to find "missing homework assignments" ugh! I so thought we were done with this! His locker wasn't nearly the mess it had been before and we did get it organized! To my surprise he did bring home his Math book and was doing the missing assignments when I left for work! I think he is getting it! Adam really is a good kid and turning into a nice young man, on his way to being a gentleman! I love it!

Did I say I was a mess? Crying weepy, blessed, mess! I am!

Last night, I stopped at a gathering of High School friends and I didn't get there until midnight and there were still so many there! I was hugged and complimented and loved on by friends I haven't seen in 20 years! I even got to see some friends that are always close to me! That was amazing and so awesome, I could never have orchestrated that, I know where it came from! I really did not enjoy getting "kicked" out of a bar at 2am, but it was sooo worth it!

yep, I am a mess! Crying weepy, blessed, mess!

At the gathering I was told stories of my sister I have never heard and some I have heard, but hearing stories, good stories of my sister never, NEVER gets old! I loved it!

A MESS!!!!!

Larry didn't go with me, but he got up to talk with me when I got home, how sweet is that?! So kind! He shared a dream he had been having about a friend of ours that passed away in 2008 and we shed a couple of tears together, it was a quiet moment of reflection!

A complete mess!

Oh yea and I am at work, with all men, on the railroad! Who said, "there's no crying on the railroad"? There is now!!

So strange how all these beautiful blessings always make me a complete mess!


  1. I am so glad you liked my post. I almost didn't put it up cause I don't want people seeing my failures. You and others have really encouraged me so much you will never know! You look hot, girl with your weight loss. You keep up the good work.

  2. I missed this post because I've been a mess myself. Not the good kind of mess you are. I'm a fighting-some-crappy-sickness mess. Stupid germs!
    I'm so glad you were a blessed mess ;)

  3. well, you may feel like a mess, but you look fabulous!