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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have Pet Peeves...

I am going to write about many of my pet peeves, just because it is what is on my mind! Tomorrow, I'll be over it and have moved on. Tomorrow, I will be back to my "positive self"! Tomorrow I'll write about how much I love my children and my husband, how blessed I am! Today, I write about my pet-peeves!

I buy toilet paper (Scott's) every time I hit the store! I do not want to run out and have yet to! My family makes fun of me, but they have never had to wipe their behinds with a napkin or paper towel, unless that has happened at someone Else's house! So tell me, why is it that I am the only one who can put a roll on the roller? Why do I find two rolls on the sink or on the back of the toilet, both started? What is so hard about sliding it on the roll?

I open my pantry to find empty
Pop-Tart boxes almost daily! Really, you couldn't throw that in the garbage? You couldn't take that out, when you took the last Pop-Tart, and throw it away? amazing!

Let me talk about cereal boxes! Why can't you close the cereal box? Honestly, it takes two seconds to roll down the wrapper and fold the flaps over! Oh yea, when the box is
empty...... it goes in the garbage too, just like the
Pop-Tart box! PLEASE!

The wrappers, the wrappers from whatever you have opened, please walk them to the garbage and throw it in! Don't leave it on the counter, table, floor or on the couch for Mom to pick up! URgggghh!

Milk, finish 1 gallon of milk before you start the new gallon! Chances are I have opened the one with the closest date and that needs to be finished first! C'mon.

Shoes and jackets..........
OH YEA.... BACKPACKS, y'know the one's you scramble around in the morning looking for (they have a place, but never make it there) and for some reason, the first place you look is where it belongs!
They do NOT go on the floor right behind the front door. This makes it extremely difficult to open the front door and when I finally, get home from work I trip over them! Please please please, put them in the closet
right next to the front door! It's right there!

So, instead of asking hollering "MOM, where's my????" I don't know, if you don't put it in it's place! I am not the KEEPER OF THE STUFF!

When you come home and find that 'someone' has done
laundry and you have a pile of neatly
folded clothes and a few on hangers, PUT THEM AWAY!!! Don't carry them up

put them on your bed, don't leave them in the basket and DO NOT cram them in your closet on the floor!

MY CAR!!! Take your wrappers and crap, yes CRAP, out of my car. You carried it to the car, which means you have the ability to take it from the car!

I know none of these "stupid" lil things make a big difference in the grand-scheme of life, that's why they are pet-peeves!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I feel the same way sometimes. It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one that has kids that think I have nothing better to do than walk behind them and clean up after them!

  2. Lead by example, yours are always the last clothes put away!xoxoxo

  3. You are not alone in your pet peeves! What's sad is there are no children at my house! Three adults and I go through the same stuff!

  4. Hahaha! Those could all be written by me! Except the milk thing. We never can seem to have more than one gallon at a time, and more often than not run out at the worst possible time.