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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Everyone is busy this time of year

There are graduations and tons of Bday parties and end of school activities, lets not even talk about the baseball and soccer going on! So like everyone else, I have been very busy lately!

My mind has mostly been on Adam lately! The ADD has finally been diagnosed and Meds prescribed! He has made leaps and bounds in the past month!
It may or may not be enough! Today we find out, maybe he will make it into 8th grade and maybe he will be held back in 7th!
Adam has a heart of gold and a passion for people, but in the past month we have seen his skill in studies and we are amazed!
This boy has been the victim of unnecessary groundings and spankings and yelling ats and cleaning out of his locker. Only to find out, he had classic signs of ADD all along! I missed it, I blamed his issues with homework on hormones! Oh my! I know what I would tell any other mom in the same situation, but I also know that feeling of "how did I miss this"! It is difficult not to feel like I have failed my boy! I pray pray pray he makes it to 8th grade! Neither Adam or I slept last night, both concerned of the outcome of today!
Our ride to school this morning was both tense and quiet. We chatted a little about what today was and what it means and how neither of us slept! Neither of us would go to the place where he doesn't make it to 8th grade! It just hurts too much to say it out loud.
I am again amazed at the meds that God has given to us and the leaps and bounds my boy has made!
Whatever the outcome today, I know my God has us in His hands and we will be ok, eventually.
What I know and what my heart feels are very different my heart aches for my boy to go on! My heart aches for my failure to give him the tools he needed to succeed! I am thrilled that we have corrected the problem, but so sad it took sooooo long!
The outcome of the decision of the teachers and the principal is heavy on all of our hearts today!
One of those things, where I really try to be a good mom and don't always "arrive" on time!


  1. Well, at least you are on the right road to helping him. It's so easy for us mom's to feel guilt. Look to the future and know that God is in control and YES he does have us all in the palm of his hand. I think your son is so handsome.
    And yes, what a busy time of year. I have missed you girl!

  2. I saw on fb that things turned out well! So glad for you guys! Next year when I am trying to navigate my way with 3 girls in public school (I'm trying not to be scared) I'll be calling you for advice. I've always admired how you stay involved with the school. Now, it's time to enjoy summer.

  3. Chrissy -- I think I was meant to read this right now. We have a granddaughter who is struggling with her studies and I just suggested to her mom that maybe SHE is ADD. Thank you! And good luck, to Adam.