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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please Please Please Pray For My Friends

I am so sad that a friend of mine and Larry passed away Sunday. He was very young, only 35 and a Husband and Father to two 4 year old babies, a girl and a boy!
He was an amazing man.
He was an amazing friend.
Even more he was smitten with his wife of almost 13 years.
He was an awesome older brother to 4, four, sisters and he did it well!
He was an amazing son to his Mom and Dad.
He made so many people smile and helped so many.
He truly was a giver in this world.
Our world is a better place because God allowed him to us for a short time.
I am a better person, because of the time that he invested in me.
And there are so many more that same the same thing.

So here is my request:
Pray for comfort and peace for Dave's family. Pray for his two children. Pray for his 4 sisters. Pray for his loving Wife. Just pray pray pray. When you think of me or RRR or rippin or runnin or roarin, please pray for these people.
God is definitely their comforter and they know it and God is ABSOLUTELY their peacemaker and all their faith is in HIM!
They just honestly need to be surrounded by prayer. To lose such a young man, with such a big heart and wisdom and joy beyond his years, is a hard loss and his family needs your prayers.
God is with us!
He is my comforter.


  1. oh sweetheart, I'm so very sorry to hear about your friend. You're all in my prayers. I lost a dear friend who was only 34 a few years ago and it's such a tragedy.....xo. Thinking of you.

  2. Oh chrissy I will be in prayer for sure. I am so so sorry for this loss. I pray for comfort and peace for everyone who loved this wonderful person. God will walk beside you during this hard time.

  3. thanks thanks thanks!! Keep on praying! This awesome man left 1 gorgeous wife, 2 amazing children and 4 adoring sisters, 2 amazing parents and plenty more behind! One thing, my sister finally, has someone who will dance with her! Dave won't turn her down! Hey Dave, give her an orchid from me and place it right above her right ear! Thanks!
    Now my friends keep praying!