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Friday, June 12, 2009


He Made It!!!! On to 8th Grade Now.
1st to enjoy our summer!
I think, the Principal used the words
"by the skin of his teeth"!
It shouldn't be as amazing to me as it is, how the meds really helped. Yes, I have been using diet and exercise all these years, but when you see a change from an F to a C in one month, WOW! That's all I can say.
Best part is we haven't lost our Adam to the meds, he is still the caring, compassionate young man he has always been, with a heart for others. Now, he can control himself, even when he feels angry and doesn't even feel angry as often!
I really identify with him and his struggles, just wish I would have helped him sooner, this way!
May God use everything to Good for His Kingdom! Thank you GOD!!


  1. Congrats, Adam! Maybe if we move, you and Bekah will be in the same school.

  2. If you move to LC schools, Adam, Bekah and Windy will be in the same school! Something to think about!!