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Friday, June 26, 2009

This is Not How it Was Planned.....Part 2

So this is surely NOT the way we as a family planned it.
I'll continue.......
We left after planning our futures as a family, I believe, we all honestly believed that is how it would go! So NOT the way things went!
I remember being asked how many kids I would have, when I got married! Ha, I would laugh, I wasn't getting married and I wasn't having children. There wasn't any room in my life, as we had planned it, for children and a silly husband!
A short time after this dinner, in 1987, my parents divorced. The divorce was welcomed, by both my sister and I!
Can you see the plan starting to fall apart!?
My parents were great parents together and separate, just in their own timing! They had good days/years and bad days/years!
I can remember, returning home with my sister (after an evening out with friends) we were teenagers at this point 14 and 15 (I think) and mom and my sister, Windy, having words, or an argument is a better way to put it! Mom was upset, I think we were a little late (we were never ever really late, mom wouldn't stand for that) not sure why we were late, but we did have very responsible friends that returned us home, on time and safe, time after time, so there must have been a good reason! Windy was trying to make her point and mom was trying to make her point! Add in the stress of an alcoholic husband/father and a failing business (my dads, because of alcohol) and Mom making all the money in the household, this equals, an opportunity, to lose it! Mom did, but in a good way, Windy lost it too, but in a good way! My cousin Keith and I stood and watched the argument unfold in amazement!
The next day, my mom took both Windy and I to see an apartment. Mom's words "I have put the security deposit and two months rent down and I am hoping you girls will come with me!?" I jumped at the chance for change and Windy had a look of utter relief in her eyes! No more late night fights, no more bill collectors, no more wondering where dad is, no more, no more, no more of the junk!
We went home, to the family home and began collecting and packing over the next couple of weeks!
This is not how I planned it!
My heart ached and felt joy at the same time!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these details with us (me.) I love seeing the pictures of you and your sister Windy. It makes my heart glad to know that you've come so far! I love you, Chrissy!