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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trying to make sense

Exciting! First comments, so much fun to see how people think and respond, makes me like this even more!!

Not really allowed to get personal phone calls at work, so I really try not to. At lunch I talk to my husband quick, our conversation usually starts with a "LUNCH TIME" and usually ends with I need to eat I'll talk to you later. Don't get me wrong, my foreman really do not mind any phone calls on my cell phone, I use it quite a bit at work for work, and also receive phone calls on it from home, from the kids and the babysitter, so it is more me trying to follow the rules than it is the getting in trouble, I just don't want to abuse the privilege. Lately, I have received more than a few phone calls every day, I had to lay down the law with the babysitter. I really, really love our babysitter, she is family. Our babysitter is young, not child young, but in her early 20's. Sometimes I think my oldest thinks of her as a sibling and not an authority figure. We have had to really put him in his place lately (HARD, I like to think of them as obedient and enjoyable to be around), if he didn't need parents God would not have made parents, I remind myself. The babysitter was using the line call your mom, ask your mom, this became a little to easy. As I stated earlier I am not supposed to receive phone calls at work, between possibly running trains late or short now I was worried about the kids fighting and not doing their chores, basically not focused on the tasks I was performing, not safe. I left a note for the babysitter, (not that I am not available for emergencies) my husband is available to help, but not to mediate she is the adult in the house, the children need to respect her as though she is their parent and she has the right to hand out discipline, the kids will respect her, it is better now. I realize, she feels as though she is a sibling to my oldest. She doesn't want to hurt his feelings, she wants to be his friend. I forgot, how much growing up we do when we think we are grown!!! I grew up with my oldest and slowed with my 2nd and grew down with my 3rd. I learned how to be a strict parent on my first, with my 2nd I learned that always totally strict and always matter of fact and always on top of the rules wasn't all there was to life, with my 3rd I remembered how to laugh and what was really important, (I am so glad I'm not going to learn what the 4th,5th 6th........... would bring) and that they were just kids and they were still learning and that they needed more compassion, I backed off and began to enjoy them and not worry so much about what everyone else thought! I desperately want my children to be God fearing, I desperately want them to be obedient and I desperately want others to enjoy them, most of all I realized, today, I want God to enjoy them, I want God to say to me "WELL DONE", it is not others I seek approval from. It seems like it is just to easy to get those two mixed up, I just don't understand why though!! Others don't even compare to GOD!! Gosh, does this all even make sense?

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  1. I feel the exact same way about the things I learned/ who I learned to be with each of my 3 children. Still learning of course. Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if at the end of it all, we hear, "Well Done."