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Thursday, July 26, 2007

So today it is harder to leave work at work, but I am going to do it (right after this blog, I hope). I do not like to run trains short, it shorts over 144 people out of a place to sit, let alone the other 20-30 that stand. Today, it almost happened, I was thinking I was going to have to run 1 train 1 car short, but I did not my electricians and Carmen pulled it together and literally pulled a rabbit out of a hat, I am so impressed and know that they pushed harder for me, or at least on account of me (I am so thankful), I think they saw the stress and frustration or maybe it was the tears in my eyes!!! Recently I was removed from this exact position for running a train short!!! Even though there are so many for me, I feel as though there are even more against me, and waiting for me to fall flat on my butt! I started my job as a coach cleaner a little over a year ago, but I knew I had been promised more. As soon as I could I let my Foreman know I wanted more. I passed all the tests, proved myself and kept pressing, so here I am a Mechanical Foreman, RELIEF FOREMAN, I am not full pledged yet!!! I have caught on to quite a bit. I am so thankful that my husband has always been involved in some kind of cars or things with motors on them, and he speaks to me about them, and talks about them as if I have always known mechanics, this has propelled me to the next level and I do actually understand what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Regardless I still have to push hard, sometimes I feel as though it is because I am a woman, which all woman can relate to, and sometimes I feel as though it is perception and sometimes I feel as though others will receive a thrill out of my failure, so I push harder!!!!!!!!!! I know all of us mom's and wives have had days. weeks or even months where we feel as though someone is waiting for us to fail and say "I told you so" Share your experiences and share how you overcame!!!!!!! Share encouragement. I can tell you that in spite of what happened at work, at home was calm and obedient and well behaved and a true blessing, even when I returned home!!!

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  1. I'm proud of you, Chrissy! You are doing great keeping up with your blogging. I am so glad to be able to re-connect with you...even if it's only through our blogs. I really do miss you and your family.
    Of all the people I've ever gotten the chance to know, you are one of the strongest! Not only physically, but in every way. You helped me learn how to set boundaries and say 'NO' when asked to do more and more and more. I can't thank you enough for that! This sounds like your most challenging job, but I know if anyone can make it through to the end you desire, it will be you. Last school year I got much better at leaving 'work at work' (as much as a teacher can), and I know this year I will get even better at it.